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Our tool helps you through the process of finding suitable courses that transfer back to your college. We'll help you get those courses approved by your college's registrar.

You can even combine courses at your current college with less expensive courses to help you get ahead!

The Process

Step 1

Fill out our form below to see your personalized options in seconds

Step 2

Build your COVID Course Plan by picking the courses you want to take this semester. (This does not sign you up for the courses)

Step 3

When you are ready, we can send your plan to your registrar for approval (to see if those specific courses will transfer)

Step 4

Once approved, we will email you and then you can register for those courses this semester with full confidence that the credits will transfer

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What Is A COVID Course Plan?

What is it?

A COVID course plan is a personalized set of courses for you to take at a less expensive college while still allowing you to get your original credit at your current college.

This is, and will always be, a free tool for anyone to use. We truly want to help people in these uncertain times.

Why use it?

The in person experience may be better at certain institutions, but COVID has leveled the playing field for online courses everywhere

Who this is for?

Any current or prospective student that is frustrated with paying the same price for a subpar online experience and is looking to find more flexible options.

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