Did you lose credit when you transferred colleges?

We did and that's why we created JustTransfer. We believe students shouldn't be penalized for wanting to further their education.

JustTransfer can help you get credit back for courses you have already taken.

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Helen, Boston University

“JustTransfer saved me so much hassle and gave me all the correct documents needed to appeal my course for transfer credit! It was quick, easy, and as a result I had no struggle with administration. JustTransfer saved me a whole semester and allowed me to graduate on time! Would highly recommend this tool for any transfer student!”

Course Appeal

Have you already transferred to your new school? Did you unexpectedly lose credit? Then Course Appeal is for you, sign up and we'll help you get your courses back. Learn more...

  • Get your credit back for your old courses
  • Pick the course you want credit for
  • Support every step of the process

Our Process

Getting credit back for your course happens in four easy steps

Step 1
Submit Your Courses

Submit your courses into our Course Appeal tool by creating an account

Step 2
We Generate a Report

We create a report using the information you submit and our algorithms

Step 3
Get Your Credit Back

Download your report and submit it to your institution for evaluation

Step 4
Confirm Your Courses

Let us know how we did to help future students with their appeals

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