At JustTransfer, we believe college credits should be easily transferable between different colleges.

of students lose all their credit when transferring colleges

of students lose a semester's worth of credit when transferring colleges

less likely to finish their bachelors degree for students who do not receive all their credit

This has led to billions of dollars lost between families, scholarship funds, and government backed financial aid.

We were those students.

Our mission is to bring these numbers to 0.

What We Do

We build tools to help students and colleges simplify and speed up the transfer process and increase student success.

You can use our COVID Course Plans to create your perfect Fall schedule with a combination of courses at both your current college and/or other (less expensive) colleges.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of former transfer students that are determined to solve the inefficiencies in transfer.

Jess Wilensky

Wannabe Transfer Student

Nelson Huang

Transferred From: University of Rochester
Transferred To: Boston University

Vipul Patel

Transferred From: Florida Institute of Technology
Transferred To: Boston University