Why pay more for the same online course?

Get local and online courses pre-approved by your university. Our plan keeps you safe, on track, and saves you thousands.

Affordable & Transferable Courses

The in person experience may be better at certain institutions, but COVID has leveled the playing field for online courses everywhere

Personalized Plans

We make you a personalized list of alternative courses to take based on your preferences and situation

Informed Decisions

With the ongoing uncertainty and lack of communication from your institution, creating a COVID course plan will help you make decisions now

Each proposed plan will give you local/online options for courses you want credit for.

You finalize your plan by selecting the courses that save you the most money and fit your situation.

We generate a report for you to send directly to your registrar.

Create your plan now!

Add some of the courses you were planning to take at in the upcoming semester(s).

If your course(s) are on the autocomplete dropdown, there's a higher chance we'll be able to find you a match.

If you do not add any courses we will provide some suggestions.