Bringing Transparency to Transfer JustTransfer's platform is the best way to manage transfer

Our platform is built on top of our CourseMatch technology making it the all in one solution for all existing problems in transfer. From managing transfer equivalencies to articulation agreements to your students, we've got you covered at every end.


Evaluating equivalencies takes a long time. Every existing tool for transfer just show you the equivalencies you already put in making them no different than online spreadsheets.

Our CourseMatch algorithm can suggest equivalencies for you in seconds. All you have to do is add them in one click.

  • Evaluate Transfer Equivalencies in seconds

  • Self learning network

  • Save hours on transfer evaluation


Covid Course Plans

Whether your institution will be open or not for the summer or fall, providing students a transfer plan for the upcoming semesters can help you retain your students long term and reduce the risk of an on campus outbreak.

Once a student signs up for a plan, we use CourseMatch to create plans that the institution can easily approve in a few clicks.

The process from student sign up to institution approval is done in minutes.

Equivalency Tables

Some schools keep their transfer equivalencies private. Some want them public. Some want to provide temporary access to individuals.

Why not have all three?

  • One click to make them public or private

  • Grant temporary access to individuals

  • Filter the data your way

Articulation Agreements

Stop referencing agreements made in the 90's.

There exist no tools that helps colleges create and manage articulation agreements, until now.

  • View, Manage, Renew Agreements all in one place

  • Propose and revise new agreements with any institution

  • Alpha Our Suggestion engine can suggest new agreements between your institution and others.

Manage Students

Manage your students transfer from start to finish.

  • View the courses they took at the other institution along with suggestions of equivalencies from CourseMatch

  • Real-time updates on a student's transfer process

  • Approve their transfer equivalencies instantly


  • Coming Soon...
  • View transferability metrics of your institution

  • Track how courses transfer by region over time

Ready to try it out?

We are currently offering a free 90 day trial of the JustTransfer platform.